Nick Cvijovic’s Top 15 of 2015

Local Gems


My dudes. This is easily my most-listened-to release of the year. Good ol’, fun-time, sing-along, punk rock. If I gave them a dollar for every time I listened to this release, they’d be millionaires. Unfortunately, I don’t have that many dollars, so they score the number one spot on my favorite local releases of 2015. Keep it 9-5, dudes.

2. Meat Wave – Delusion Moon

I don’t think I need to even say anything about this since it has made plenty of “Best of” lists this year. Meat Wave stands alone in sound and style, and they are fun (with as many n’s as you can muster.)

3. The Kreutzer Sonata – Austere

BLAZING hardcore that kicks your butt 19 ways to Sunday (what?) It’s so good that it caused me to come up with jibberish slang terms. Minor Threat should have taken a page from these guys, if time didn’t exist on an infinite plane.


Catchy. So catchy. Also, Harry Breitner is a lyrical genius. Even though they sing about not making jump shots, this album is a game-winner from behind half court.

5. Gnarhval – Raven

DOOM. Sludgy and punishing as it should be. Take Kylesa and Monolord after a bar fight, and you have Gnarhval.

6. IM CUNJ – The Key to the Haunted Mind

This is like a really cool audio collage. I don’t even have anything witty to say because it is so good. There’s an amazing mix of noisy pop songs, punk rock, interviews in hell, and a thousand other things to catch your ears. Damn, Connor, this is good.

7. The Cheap Dates – Piss Away Another Goddamn Year

This is album that I would put on to get ready to kick someone’s ass. Danny has the shriek of 1000 banshees, and it makes you want to go on a crime-spree. It’s punk-rock-and-roll for people who sleep in their leather jacket.


1. Bully- Feels Like

My favorite release of 2015. This album is snarling yet soft, grungy yet sentimental. This replaced Modest Mouse’s “Lonesome Crowded West” as the album that I fall asleep to. It would take a novel for me to tell you what I love about this album. I’m listening to it now.


Noise rock from another state of being. Also, one of the rowdiest sets I have ever seen live. Toronto knows how to make good music.

3.  Ghost – Meliora

Duh. Evil pop-metal. Of course it would be on here.

4. White Reaper – White Reaper Does It Again

Rock and Roll sweetness with an added layer of synth spiciness.

5. Titus Andronicus – The Most Lamentable Tragedy

The Bruce Springsteen’s of punk rock made an epic 29-track rock opera about the highs and mega-lows of being a living organic creature. Shit, the thing is so long and amazing that there’s an intermission, a silent track, so that you can go change your pants and get back to dancing without missing any music.

6. Fuzz – II

Ty Seagal and the boys take your idea of fuzzed-out space rock, and then punch it so hard in the face that you end up having an acid flashback about that time you threw up all over your new bell bottoms in class and the football team beat you up every day for it. This album is Blue Cheer part two.

7. FIDLAR – Too

Keeping in the theme of bands not naming their albums anything but a number, these guys destroy the notion of the “sophomore slump”. FIDLAR is known for its raucous garage rock, screamy lyrics about getting high and taking names, but this album dials that back, and in a good way. It’s introspective and self-depricating, and really makes you wonder if you need to do one more shot of UV Blue before you hit up Smart Bar.


Max is my brother.

Eagles of Death Metal – Zipper Down

I agree with Max. This album beats out Slayer, Lamb of God, and Children of Bodom. While all of those are good albums, this offers a fun and refreshing experience, even for EODM. Sure, they do some of that classic boogie rock that they’re known for, but add in a wide-range of other styles. They also do a cover of “Save a Prayer” by Duran Duran and so, yeah, that wins.