Rock in Chicago Show Wrecking Ball Showcase

Interviews with Stephen DeFalco of Turbo Vamps! and The Friskie Morris Podcasts and Rockin’ Dom from Still Alive and Waste Basket

Track listing
Friskie Morris – Battle Cry
Friskie Morris – Lizards
Friskie Morris – Last Call
TurboVamps! – For My Boys
The Riot РDark Passenger 
Juicehead – Death Of Democracy
Waste Basket – Keepin Up (2 Steps Behind)
Waste Basket – Rockin’ Out In My Head
Still Alive – United By Defiance
Waste Basket – Exploding World Waste Basket
Still Alive – Deny
Still Alive – Capsule (AKA Requiem For The Stupid Human Race) *Bonus Suicide Machines Cover* United By Defiance
Horror Is Dead – Dead Mans Party Revisiting The Graves
The Audio Dead – Apothecary Believe In Rock And Roll
Juicehead – How To Sail A Sinking Ship
Dead Split Egos – American Dream
Death and Memphis – Don’t Mean A Thing
The Tromatons – He’s My Hero
Tocsin – Go!
August Premier – Trenches
The Hard-Onz – Taking Back The Streets