Rock in Chicago Show: October 20 2013 Podcast

w/Fighting for Scraps and Carl Dalton Skeens of Blastoff, Dead Steelmill, The Examples and

Thank you to everyone that tuned in last night!
Here is the podcast:
Rock in Chicago Show – October 20, 2013
The Horrids – Rusty Nails
Headspins – Fallen Down
Get Up Go – The need to run
The 27s – Last Resort
Behold – Bed
Turbovamps – Blackout
Goldy from Fighting For Scraps
– Blue Bridge
– To All Our Friends
– Lonely Nights
– Wasteland
The UnGnomes – Sex Gnomes
Heat Wave – Keep Smoking
Bottle Kids – It Was The Sound Of A Tool Chest Falling Down The Stairs
Get Up Go -Anthem Of A New Yesterday
Krap Spackle – Then Some
Tocsin – Go

Carl Dalton Skeens –
Dead Steel Mill – Anal Problems
Blastoff – Moon Light
Dead Steelmill – Millrat
Dead Steelmill – Republicrat
Blastoff – Black As You
Blastoff – Stand Alone Complex
The Hairlips – Joey’s Girl
Kobanes – I Miss My Mullet
Brain Vacation – Victims
The Riot – The Riot
Butchered – Ninetofive
The Ungnomes – George the Pumpkin