Review: Prometheus Descends – Solution Unsatisfactory

by Ian Tomele

“It is time to stand up and defend what you believe!” Or at least that is what Solution Unsatisfactory are trying to convey on their second offering entitled “Prometheus Descends.” Which is quite fitting with the overall theme of the lyrical content of this album; a titan in Greek Mythology best known as the benefactor who brought fire to mankind. They even talk directly to this in one song “Go waste it if you choose and if you got nothing to lose then burn the world to ashes. Go find a proper view so you watch the shit ensue fuck the world it’s ashes. Well… isn’t that what you wanted!?!?” These are anti-apathy songs, songs that require a call to action. Anti-capitalist songs, songs that force questioning. Solution Unsatisfactory want you to come to your own answers and conclusions. But not only to attain your own ideals and values but to stand up for them with every grain of your being.

You can strongly hear their 90’s punk revival influence on this record from bands like NOFX, Propagandhi & Strung Out. And also apparently Garvey’s fascination with Canadiaeh? from groups such as SNFU, Belvedere & This is a Standoff. Their is no easy way to concisely define their sound and after much deliberation I am going with “melodic skate punk political progressive hardcore.” They start it off proper with a short instrumental piece which really gets you into the groove of whats to come. Chugging guitar’s that are stereo paired with running bass lines & the fast-paced blasting drumming. You can tell Garvey and Jay have been playing together since high school and Pat holds down the foundation, relentlessly driving the beat forward.  This is then followed, by in my opinion, the two strongest tracks on the album “Another Casualty” and “Stand.”

Solution Unsatisfactory seem to have finally found their foot-hold on this release. The sound is consistent throughout thanks to the mastery of Marky Kobane over at Bunker Studios. The lyrics are sharp and poignant, worrying more about content then simple rhyming schemes. The guitars and bass battle each other for melodic dominance which sometimes only leaves the drums holding it together. When the vocal harmonies are used they are to great effect and I hope to see more of this on future releases. This album is all about criticizing the status quo, calling everyone to action and embracing peoples autonomy. Look for Solution Unsatisfactory in the future at your local punk dive! And don’t forget to grab the album they are so punk rock it is FREE up on their bandcamp!

Prometheus Descends LP by Solution Unsatisfactory