Review of Warforged – “Essence of the Land” E.P.

By:  Geoff Teach

A new, supersonic subgenre is on the rise around the globe.  Being a city that never likes to miss out on any of the fun, Chicago’s own Warforged have recently released four tracks of atmospheric death metal that stuns the eardrums and bedazzles the mind.  Warforged’s “Essence of the Land” is mysterious, ambient, and spectacularly brutal and loud all at once, and while it’s short length leaves you with a longing for much, much more, I can’t help but wonder if that wasn’t exactly the kind of tantalizing feeling that the band was aiming to induce in their audience in the first place.

Kicking things off beautifully and menacingly, “Essence of the Land” begins with “Diabolical Being”, and it’s lone, haunting cello intro note lets you know immediately that you have not begun listening to your average metal album.  However, a burst of volume and madness shortly thereafter, and your neck instinctively begins to bang along.  You have now been sucked in completely, and off on the journey we go.  Next, “Regurgitate” is a slamming death metal juggernaut that leaves no doubt in your mind that you’ve now crossed the threshold of ferocity and viciousness that Warforged seem to be incredibly adept at.  However, it is the next track, “Phantoms in the Mist” that truly sets Warforged apart from their peers.  Seeming to conjure imagery of murky, frozen forests and dusky howls of ghosts in the trees, “Phantoms in the Mist” is the E.P.’s climax, and the band’s latest opus, as the final track, “Tainted Heart” tapers off in acoustic bliss, leaving your humble music critic nearly speechless and craving more.  Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of “Essence of the Land” now while you can, as I don’t expect the name Warforged to stay unknown globally for very much longer.

To get a taste of Warforged, check out the track, “Lich King” by hitting play below!

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>Lich King by Warforged</a>

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