Review of “Tin” by Freaks For Geeks

by Melissa DeGott

Freaks For Geeks released their third EP, “Tin,” on February 9 th . The 5 piece brings aspects of hip hop, rock, pop punk, and even a little hint of nu metal to formulate a unique sound of their own.

The first song, “Sleep M.D,” took me by surprise, since I had never listened to the band prior to preparing to write this article. It begins with a groove oriented rock riff. I was caught off guard when one of the two vocalists, Eric Slager, began rapping. The spoken verses are followed by a powerful and catchy hook that shows of vocalist, Aleksa Narbutaitis’ harmony skills. The two singers’ voices blend very well together.

“What Might Get Out” is a fun song that features both vocalists trading leads throughout. It is another example of how effectively Freaks For Geeks us their harmony capabilities.

The last two tracks on Tin are my favorite. “Settle the Score” has a solid guitar riff that reminds me of something that would be on one of Jack White’s solo albums. Both Eric and Aleksa sing and rap on this tune, which shows off what both of them are capable of vocally.

Take a listen on Bandcamp.
TIN by Freaks for Geeks