Review of Taken By The Sun “II” E.P.


By: Geoff Teach

With verve and vehement fury, Chicago doom/post-metal powerhouse Taken By The Sun have returned with five tracks of fury (three new, two re-released) for their second album.  Intense just doesn’t seem to sum up their approach correctly.  Profound…ardent…these words seem slightly more suitable, and while Taken By The Sun’s latest effort may not be the normal thrashed out metal that most heads are used to feasting heavily upon, it is every bit as heavy as its sped-up counterparts, if not more.  “II” is an E.P. that grows on you, slowly getting you to nod your head at first, but in time, your eyes are closed and you are swaying and head banging, lost in the ghostly, reverberated mists and neck-breaking riffage.

Taken By The Sun seem to conjure all of the elemental forces in which to ensnare their listeners.  “Demons Tempt the Dying Man with Crowns” is a good opener, but once the opening riffs of “Volatile” crack off, you truly get a sense of what the band is all about.  “Volatile” is deliciously killer, followed fantastically by “Watch the Skies”, a song that is as raucous as it is airy, dangerous as it is dreamy.  All of the intensity comes to the fore in the E.P.’s best track, “Maelstrom,” however.  Seeming to sum up the entire feel of the E.P., “Maelstrom” is pure genius, with a foreboding feel of doom, like sailing on the edge of a great vortex, the crushing abyss calling forth like echoes from the grave.  Finishing off with “Insomnus,” Taken By The Sun have managed to put down on record the bravado and pure energy that they bring to their live performances, and it is this that makes this E.P. a “must listen” for all Chicago metal fans!

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