Review of Ribbonhead – “Animals” EP

By:  Nick Cvijovic        

I’m going to attempt to write an
actual review of this album instead of just fanboying out over it. I had the
chance to play with Ribbonhead
sometime last year at Liar’s and holy shit, did they blow me away. If you know
me, you know I enjoy noise and guitar pedals. A lot. Animals uses both. A
lot. The album art is also one of the coolest pictures I have seen.

The album begins
with the screamy “Gray”; a song reminiscent of early Chariot and later ETID. At
a minute and forty-three seconds, this is the perfect start to a perfect album;
short and in your face. “Longpig” is the next track, which starts in and kicks
you right in your stupid face. There’s no chance for recovery from the first
track; just ass-kicking after ass-kicking. Josh (guitar/vox) screams out “You’ve always had your way!” in a
hopeless yet snarling tone that makes want to punch everything in sight,
especially if it will break on impact. “Longpig” outros in a noisy confusion
into the third track, “Kneecapper”; a more straight-forward song that really
brings out the feedback. Actually, I think three-quarters of the song is
feedback, but has the bass, drums, and dual screaming to really bring it to
life. This is the perfect track to pace-around in a circle and crush another

The last
track on the album, “CPD” is a total burner that comes in and comes out,
beginning with a gnarly groove and leaving you with a mess of noise wandering
through your tiny brain, destroying everything you’ve ever cared about. I
honestly feel like this track should have featured some panting at the
conclusion because this whole album is like the P90X of hardcore albums. It is
a total-body workout and really exemplifies these dudes’ intensity when they
play live. The only downside is that it is way too short. Make more tunes, Ribbonhead.

FFO: METZ, Birds in Row, Pissed Jeans, throwing bricks at
cops, breaking windows.

9 out of 10 broken glass panes.