Review of Punch Cabbie – “Myriad” EP

By:  Geoff Teach

Hooks…that’s the first word that comes to mind after many
listens of Myriad, the latest EP from
Chicago’s hard-rock-with-a-metal-twist veterans, Punch Cabbie.  Lots and lots
of hooks.  So many hooks that the fish in
the room start having a nervous breakdown.
I think you’re understanding me by this point, no?

Radio-friendly hard rock with metal tendencies is nothing
new these days, however, I must admit that Punch
do it better than most.
Blending strong vocals and powerful melodies with driving rhythms and
riffs, breakdowns, and the occasional acoustic accent, Myriad features six well-produced tracks that seem ready to go
straight to the airwaves of many stations across the country (occasional bleep
outs not withstanding).  

Not shy about showing off their pipes right from the get-go,
Punch Cabbie kick things off with “Repress”,
whose driving melodies are as catchy as they are easy to sing along with.  Honestly, though, the same could be said
about every track on the EP.  Getting
further into the release, “Introspection” and “Dark Art” have the most metal
emphasis, while “Vitriol”, “World Unknown” (my favorite), and “Electric Fire”
close out the EP in capable fashion, with plenty of the aforementioned hooks to
keep reeling your attention back in.

Similar to a cross between Breaking Benjamin and Taproot, Punch Cabbie have put out a worthy EP
in Myriad that should garner them scads
of attention once it is heard by the right ears in the right places.  If you appreciate your hard rock heavy and
your melodies energetic, then Punch
Myriad just might be the
album for you!

To listen to “World Unknown” off of Myriad, press play below:

And to check out Punch
on the web, please click the following links: