Review of Pavlov3 – “Curvature-Induced Symmetry…Breaking” EP


By:  Geoff Teach

As the city that spawned such instrumental metal giants as
Pelican, Bongripper, and Russian Circles, Chicago musicians know a thing or two about
creating catchy, vocal-shunning music.
Whether it’s the horror surf of The Alder Kings, the progressive beauty
of Outrun The Sunlight, the rocking grooves of Lost In Blue, or the post-metal hypnotism
of Cmn ineed yr hlp, Chicago has no shortage of instrumental acts for local
listeners to choose from.

Seeking to add his name to the ever-growing list, Matt Tate’s
Pavlov3 recently released its independent
debut EP, Curvature-Induced Symmetry…Breaking,
and make no mistake about it:  This album
is something special.  Composed and
recorded almost entirely by Tate (drums on the EP were capably laid down by
Paul Szlachta), Curvature-Induced
is musical poetry in audible motion.

Sounding something like a post-metal version of King
Crimson, Pavlov3 is wild,
oscillating, and wonderfully unique.
Starting off with the almost standard-sounding progressive metal track, “Elastic
Surface Patterns”, Curvature-Induced Symmetry
at first did not raise either of my eyebrows…but then the second track “Apophis”
began, and immediately the hairs on the back of my neck stood up (along with
both eyebrows).  “Apophis” pitch-bends
and pounds its way directly into your mind and starts twisting and tinkering;
it’s really a stunning composition.  

Moving further into Curvature-Induced
, the meandering flourishes of “Startle” are fun, but it
is the Fripp-like guitar-wizardry and the Levin-like stick work on “Singularity”
and “Unruhe” that again made your humble music critic sit up and take notice,
as both tracks are engaging and mesmerizing from start to finish.  Along with “Apophis”, “Singularity” and “Unruhe”
are firmly the finest offerings on the six track EP.

Closing out solidly with “Being+Time/Closure”, Pavlov3’s Curvature-Induced Symmetry…Breaking is a strikingly remarkable
album, chock full of progressive instrumental brilliance.  Be sure to check these guys out if you are at
all into King Crimson, Yes, Vildjharta, Outrun The Sunlight, or The

To listen to Curvature-Induced
in its entirety, press play:

Curvature-Induced Symmetry… Breaking by Pavlov3

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