Review of Oxblood – “Siren” and “Tides”

By:  Doc Metal

Being a part of this Rock in Chicago team has really opened me up to so much great local talent that I would have never been exposed to otherwise.  One of the bands that has found its way into my regular rotation is Oxblood. Holy shit, when I first heard this band’s submission, I was floored…so much so that I wanted to feature them on the premier episode of the Doc Metal Show.  After countless listens of their first E.P., “Siren”, I can say that THIS is what I would call a sound, maybe even a new genre that Chicago is going to be known for.  This doomy, sludgy, post-metal/rocky sound, which utterly shatters me to my core, is a sound that Oxblood has pretty much perfected, and I know that other people will study this sound and try to mimic it.  This, ladies and gentlemen, is a new era for music, an era of music that Chicago will be known for, as Sweden and Norway are known for their black metal.  Oxblood just dropped their newest E.P., “Tides.”  I am going to kill two birds with one stone and review this E.P. and their first E.P., “Siren”.


“Siren”.  Five songs that are so different from each other but ultimately “make sense” together.  From the opening bass riff of “Stripmine” to the noisy, yet serene ending of “Eve”, this E.P. made me fall in love with Oxblood.  I challenge you, reader, to go their Bandcamp page here:

Listen to “Dogs” in its entirety.  I guarantee you that just halfway through this track, you’ll stare at your monitor in awe while your ears are filled with this amazing goodness.  Remember that time your girlfriend woke you up on your birthday with a blowjob?  Yeah.  That’s the feeling you get listening to this.  Trust me.


When I got an email notification that this album was available, I’ll admit, I danced a jig.  What a hell of a release!  Punishing riffs, haunting vocals, and the whole package is just golden.  I am loving this release more and more with each listen.  However, I wish there were more than just four tracks!  Without a doubt, “Torn” is my favorite song on this sophomore release.  Fans of Big Business, Tool, and any post-rock/metal will absolutely love this E.P.  Here is the link to “Tides”.  Go.  Now.  Listen and marvel!

Also, be sure to visit Oxblood on the web at: