Review of Narcotic – “To the Pyre”

By:  Geoff Teach

Next month, Chicago’s blackened death metal power level will
get a big shot in the arm with the impending independent release of Narcotic’s To the Pyre.  Formed in 2012,
Narcotic bring a sludgy, crusty,
doomy layer of filth to their blackened death that makes each track on the
quintet’s debut full-length like a guessing game as to which influences will
rise to the surface next, and at what point in the songs.  

To the Pyre is a
head banger’s wet dream, featuring everything from lightning-fast death metal riffage and
rhythms to sludge/doom breakdowns, black metal screams and growls, and
thrash-laden blast beats.  Nothing is
left off the table, as Narcotic have
brought all their toys to the party with which to get nasty – and get nasty,
they certainly do.  

Starting off strong, To
the Pyre
begins with “Breath in the Casket”, and immediately you get a feel
for the splattering of various metal genres from which Narcotic draw their unique conglomeration of brutal
soundscapes.  Moving along in the
release, beefy offerings such as “Screaming in Solitary”, “Inner Decay”, and “Soul
Harvest” stand out as the cream of the crop, but nothing tops the final title
track, “To the Pyre”, as its infectious beats and riffs get right into your
spine, causing spastic and repetitive gyrations that you may find that you
cannot control in the least.  

All in all, Narcotic’s
To the Pyre is an excellent debut
release, with a little something for any lover of metal’s many diverse
genres.  Fans of death, thrash, doom,
sludge, and black metal should all find something to enjoy in these nine,
well-executed tracks.  Head to the band’s
pages today for information on pre-ordering your own copy and for news about
the To the Pyre release show coming
up next month.

To listen to “Soul Harvest” off of To the Pyre, press play below:

And finally, to check out Narcotic on the web, please click the following links: