Review of Mister E. Machine – “Shooting Stars”

By:  Melissa DeGott

Mister E Machine took me right back to the 90’s with bands I loved
from that era such as the Wallflowers and Goo Goo Dolls. The problem with a lot
of acoustic rock acts of this current generation is the “acoustic”
part is typically lost and covered with electric guitars and synth sounds. Mister E Machine is the first group I
have heard to get the acoustic guitar thing right since the 90s. The act’s
latest effort, “Shooting Stars”, has the acoustic sound front and center.

listened to all of the songs on this album many times in the search for my
favorite. From the beginning, the cover of “Can’t Get You Out of My
Head” was a strong contender. I’m usually not a fan of cover songs unless
they are exceptional. I was blown away by Mister
E Machine’s
interpretation of this Kylie Minogue tune.

I finally settled
upon my favorite when I discovered the history of “Rosa Marie.” Rosa
Marie is the older sister of Mister E
front man and acoustic guitarist, Manny Capozzi. The song is
about Rose saving Manny from the bullying he endured throughout his childhood.
The track zeroes in on a specific incident where a classmate had physically
hurt Manny. Rosa rallied her friends, along
with Manny, and they chased the school bus carrying Manny’s bully. One of the
reasons I really enjoyed this song (other than how catchy the hook is) is
because of how relatable it is. I think it is safe to say that a handful of us
can relate to Manny’s lyrics about being tormented. There have been quite a few
anti-bullying songs surfacing on the internet over the last few years. Most of
them I have found to be ineffectual or down right cheesy. However, Mister E Machine knocked this one out
of the park. The band is in the process of creating a video to go along with
“Rosa Marie.” The premise is described on the Kickstarter page that
was created to help fund the video. The band have come very far with this
campaign but could still use your help. Go to
before February 27th to make your contribution in order to make this
anti-bullying video happen.

in all, “Shooting Stars” by Mister E
is one of the best acoustic rock albums of the last several years.
They are great musicians with a positive message to share.

Mister E Machine will be at Uncommon
Ground on Devon March 6th as a part of the 4th
annual Tori Amos tribute show. Manny Capozzi will also be the host of this

To check out “Wild Side” off of “Shooting Stars”, press play!

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