Review of Kastasyde – “Gnosis”


By:  Geoff Teach

As the old adage states, “Good things come to those who
wait.”   Local groove metal quintet Kastasyde has been working on their full length release for well over a year now, but finally, after long last, Kastasyde is now ready to unveil Gnosis to the public in early June.  

Containing eight tracks of varying lengths and moods, Gnosis is Kastasyde’s apogee – a magnum opus of epic dynamics, broad-spectrum
affect, and utterly brilliant composition.
No stone is left unturned on this truly unparalleled release.  Starting off with the corybantic “Natural
State”, Kastasyde remind you that
they are first and foremost a death metal band, but for the next three tracks, be
sure toss on your waders because this is where Gnosis gets insanely deep.  “Burial
in the Sky” is far and away my favorite song on the album, with its twists,
turns, and dynamics, but a close second for favorite is the next song (and
title track) “Gnosis”.  At nearly ten
minutes, “Gnosis” takes you on a musical journey that you will not soon
forget.  And just in case you were
looking for a good chill-out session, the acoustic jam “In the Spiral” just
might put you in a trance before it’s over.

However, not to be overly soft or too big for their
britches, for the next couple of tracks (“Blackheart” and “Never at Peace”) Kastasyde return to simple, solid, good
ol’-fashioned death metal.  My final
favorites on the album are the two closing tracks, “Empyrean” and “Tiamat”.  These two songs could not be more
diametrically opposed in terms of their moods and tones, but it is this contrast
that makes their placement at the end of the album so perfect.  “Empyrean” is another seven-plus minute saga
of dynamically rich composition…while “Tiamat” is a frenzied, raging
neck-breaker.  But ultimately, both
tracks are just like the rest of Gnosis:  Stunningly sensational and phenomenally
produced.  This album is not only solidly
in the running for Album of the Year for my Chicago list, but my national list
as well.  Do yourself a solid and pick up
a copy of Gnosis as soon as they are
officially available, and get your mind blown just as I have.

Kastasyde will be
releasing Gnosis to the public at
their record release celebration on June 5th at Cobra Lounge in
Chicago (235 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago IL, 60607).  Buy a ticket ahead of time if you’re thinking
of coming out, as this one will probably sell out!  Here’s the flyer:


Visit Kastasyde on the web here: