Review of Jenny Franck – “Beautiful Lies”


By: Melissa DeGott

Jenny Franck’s new release, “Beautiful Lies”, embodies everything I love about alternative music of the 90’s. Before listening to the album, I didn’t think any band was capable of writing the way rock artists were over twenty years ago and still be taken seriously today. Jenny Franck  has style that sounds like nothing has changed in the alternative scene since Nirvana’s “Nevermind” in ‘91, or Hole’s “Live Through This” in ’94.  The group lists bands such as Silverchair, Stone Temple Pilots, Nirvana, and Alice in Chains as influences. Every note, every song seems to stay true to the grunge influence.  

The song that really struck me as the best on the album is the first single from the release, “Black Crows” (a single released on Dark Star Records). I tend to gravitate toward darker songs, so this one was right up my alley. I also listen to a lot of pagan folk music, and this offering sounds very similar to some artists of that genre, and Michael James also acted as guest guitarist on “Black Crows.” He is known for his work with Edwin McCain, Hole, and New Radicals. “Colorscreen” is another song that stood out to me, as it has a catchy hook in the chorus that repeats a few times throughout the song. The verses are very soft with a clean guitar riff to match, while the chorus has the very loud and powerful hook. Whether you are a fan of 90’s alternative and grunge, or modern singer/songwriters, I suggest giving Jenny Franck’s “Beautiful Lies” a listen!

To listen to Jenny Franck’s “Black Crows”, just click play below!

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