Review of Immortal Bird – “Akrasia”


By:  DOC Metal

It has been extremely cold here in Chicago with the whole “polar vortex” thing going on, and if you are like I am, the temperature and weather affects the patterns of what music you listen to.  What a joy it was to have Immortal Bird’s “Akrasia” land in my lap at this time for review.  Cold….very, very cold…. thrashy…and brutal.

Fans of Dissection, Burzum, old Satyricon, and black metal in general should really dig this release.  It takes the old school church-burning, face-stabbing, baby-punching mentality and twists it with this odd, post-rock atmosphere that we have been seeing a lot of lately from Chicago and its thick-blooded outfits.  I really love the vocals on this E.P., as Rae Amitay’s pipes are stellar, mixed fantastically, and absolutely freeze your ears.  I cannot help but compare Immortal Bird to local technical/progressive metal act, Without Waves…but that goes without saying, as John Picillo lends his bass to both bands. Summarily, my favorite track on “Akrasia” is “Akratic Seminar”.  “Seminar” has this wonderful flow that both punishes and soothes the ear simultaneously.  I am looking forward to hearing more from this band in the future.  In the meantime, check out Immortal Bird at:

And don’t  forget to pick up their limited edition digi-pack for only $6 if you like what you hear!

Immortal Bird is featured on our Listener’s Choice 2013 Podcast: