Review of Epitasis – “Decimation of Gaia” EP


By:  Geoff Teach

Slamming their way out of the Windy City are the next
generation of tech death head-turners, Epitasis.  A little less than a month ago, the tenderfoot quartet
released their long-awaited debut EP, Decimation
of Gaia
, and only seconds within hearing the first riffs of this five track
banger, it is easy to understand why everyone familiar with the act has been
chomping at the bit for these cuts to hit the streets.  They’re insane.  There’s no two ways around it – and if Epitasis was aiming to make some waves
with this release, then I can emphatically say that they hit their mark with
frightening accuracy.

Stomping in with the first cut from Decimation of Gaia is “The Silence of Extinction”, and with its super-clean
production, brutally intense vocals, and exceptional structure, tone, and
tightness from the band, “The Silence of Extinction” is one hell of a how-do-you-do.  Next, “Denizens” is a
romping rout, and “Programmed Devolution” showcases one of Epitasis’s staple live cuts laid down on record with a noticeable
exclamation point.  

But most of my praise for Decimation of Gaia is reserved for the final two tracks,
“Immolation” and the title track, “Decimation of Gaia”.  “Immolation” is the prodigious standout of
the release, a six minute and thirty-six second odyssey into torment, self-degradation, and superb skills in composition and guitar artistry; while “Decimation of Gaia” features changes of
tempo and dynamics galore.  

Overall, Decimation of
by Epitasis is an exemplary
debut from a young band that’s still only cutting their teeth and getting their
name established – which is scary when I think about it, because I can only
imagine what monstrous compositions will come forth from this talented group next.  Indeed, the future is bright for Epitasis, but here in the present, we
have Decimation of Gaia to be enjoyed and to be awed by, and that’s plenty for now.

To listen to “The Silence of Extinction” from Decimation of Gaia, press play:

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on the web, click the links below: