Review of Czar – “No One is Alone if No One is Alive”


By: Doc Metal

Today, I feel like making some chili…METAL chili!  Let’s see, I’ve got my base of Opeth, so let’s just heat that up.  Next, I’ll cut up some Mastodon into chunks and throw that in…there we go.  Now, let’s turn up the heat a little and let that simmer for a bit.  In the meantime, let’s open up some cans of Darkthrone and Katatonia and add those into the mix, just easy on the Katatonia, though.  Now it’s time to stir up this amazing stew….mmmm, smells amazing!  Don’t forget to add some Isis to this mix to spice it up, and just a pinch of Gojira.  Quick taste test?  Hmmm, needs a little more Mastodon, so let’s chop a little more up and toss that in there.  Oops!  I almost forgot!  We must add DOOM.  NEVER spare the DOOM!  Ahh, there we go!  Now finally, let that bad boy simmer and finish, remove the lid and VOILA…. out comes Czar’s latest release, “No One is Alone if No One is Alive”!

Czar’s “No One is Alone if No One is Alive” kicks all types of ass, from the music itself, even down to its amazing cover art.   What Czar brings to the table is the awesome music stew as stated above, and they do it with a finesse and sound that is fresh and new.  This is so tough to find these days in the metal culture where most bands seem to either keep their same formula consistent (which can become boring), or they experiment with their sound too much and end up pissing off the metal elitist.  Jason Novak (guitar, vocals, bass), Brian Elza (guitar), and Dan Brill (drums) really have their shit together on this fantastic release.  The tracks “Back in Black” and “Spitter Attack” really stick out and catch my ears the most.  With punishing lyrics and an aural assault that invokes both anger and serenity throughout your whole being at once, Czar spares their listeners any bullshit.  

I am really looking forward to seeing what these guys can do live.  Don’t miss them headlining with Chicago Thrash Ensemble and Arbogast at The Empty Bottle (1035 N. Western Ave., Chicago, 60622) on December 13th!  Also, wouldn’t you love to see them open for GODFLESH at the Metro on April 15th?  You can bet your ass I will be there, wearing a fucking chapka (that’s a Russian hat…Czar…oh, you get it)!

To find out more about Czar and to purchase “No One is Alone if No One is Alive”, visit the following pages: