Review of Cimmerian – “Hollowing”

By:  Geoff Teach

There is a wave building here in The Windy City.  Young men and women from all over the area are getting quite serious about bringing the national spotlight back to our fair metropolis…and they’re doing it through music, or, to be more specific, through metal.  Cimmerian, a tech death troupe hailing from the south suburb of New Lenox, are a big part of the burgeoning heavy metal roller that just might finally bring some serious (and long-overdue) major label attention back to our awesome Chicago metal community.  Blending elements of fantastic and complex technical death metal composition, similar to Obscura or Son of Aurelius, with touches of melodic, rhythmic beauty, similar to Threat Signal or The Browning, Cimmerian’s latest full-length effort, “Hollowing”, is turning heads from coast to coast with its fantastic, twisting arrangements and dynamic bombast. 

Starting off strong, Cimmerian wastes no time revealing just who they are and exactly what to expect from the rest of “Hollowing” with the opener, “Rumination”.  With its excellent piano work accompanying the wickedly delightful guitar, bass, and tight drumming, “Rumination” draws you right in and perfectly prepares you for the rest of the amazing tracks that lie ahead.  Moving along in the album, “Dissident Voices” deliciously pleases the ear, but “Hollowing” really starts to dazzle your humble music critic on the back half of the album.  Beginning with the wondrously beautiful and blast-beat riddled “Metaphysical” (my personal favorite of the collection), carrying through the tracks “Catharsis of the Sun”, the instrumentals “Hollowing” and “The Subterfuge”, and closing with the sensational epic, “Introversion”, Cimmerian’s use of both incredible aggression and translucent melodiousness is downright brilliant. Equally brilliant, also, is the band’s release of “Hollowing” on but the second day of the New Year, as the move sets the bar quite high for the rest of their Chicago metal brethren for the rest of 2014.  Consequently, this album establishes itself as a godsend of an omen, for if the rest of the dedicated and talented metal acts here in Chicago are to be expected to meet or exceed the level of excellence that this album has achieved already so early in the calendar, then we can almost certainly expect a banner year for our beloved home metal scene.

You can check out “Hollowing” by Cimmerian here, and don’t forget to purchase it if you like what you hear: