Review of Andy Metz – Delusions

by Melissa DeGott


one thinks of music from Seattle, the grunge era usually comes to mind.
However, some of my favorite singer songwriters have come from the Emerald
City. Raised in Seattle, the now Chicago based artist, Andy Metz, has a sound
most definitely influenced by the Seattle sound of the last few decades.

opener “Where We Belong” is an upbeat acoustic driven song that has a bit
different feel than anything else on the album, which made it a nice starting
point. While still having a strong hold in the folk pop realm, it does travel a
bit onto the Americana/alternative country border.

second song on Delusions, “Evil,” is easily my favorite. A tune about
warning a prospective love that he is “evil,” but knowing it is already too
late. Lyrically, I feel this is one of the best representations of what he can
do and how witty and creative he can be.

very lyrically solid song is the first single, “Guns.” It is a very strong
political stance on the issue of gun control. “I don’t know what it takes for
you to need a gun, but my peace works fine, so I won’t get one,” is the bold opening
statement of the single.

is an original, creative, and powerful album from Andy Metz. If you are
a fan of artist such as Rob Thomas, Gavin DeGraw, or even Jack Johnson, I
highly recommend you pick up the album.

Listen for yourself:
Delusions by Andy Metz