Review of “1010II0101″ by Scientist

by  DOC Metal


After a night of heavy drinking, Neurosis’ “Through Silver in Blood” album went to a titty bar to see if he can get lucky.  He stumbles into the dark, nasty club and orders another drink… a whiskey sour on the rocks then has a seat near the stage.  The final dancer of the night appears from behind the curtain, which just happens to be Mastodon’s “Remission”.  Clearly you can see that Remission has had a tough night, her tired body doing her whole pole-spinning thing, half-assed.  Silver does not seem to mind though, he is clearly enjoying her performance.  Remission notices this and smiles.  After her dance was over, she picked up the few singles that were thrown on the stage for her like a homeless man scraping up a handful of loose change to save up for the next Mad Dog 20/20 fix.  She comes back out and tries to get a dance out of Silver.  Silver manages to sweet talk her ass right out of the club and to the closest mirrored wall skank motel.  The night is over after a couple hours of business time.  Silver and Remission part ways, and a couple of weeks later Remission finds out that she is pregnant with Silver nowhere to be found.

The child grows up to be an introverted problem child with daddy issues and ADHD, but once he gets into school, everyone starts to realize that this kid is a genius…and this kid’s name is “1010II0101”.  Now all of this seems like this is a bad review, on the contrary it is quite the opposite.  They say that the smartest people on the planet are crazy… In this case,  and on this release, Scientist are absolute lunatics.

I’ve been a fan of Scientist from the beginning and I am proud of how this band has evolved.  Scientist features Eric Plonka (ex Yakuza, Fireisborn) and Patrick Auclair (ex Taken by the Sun) on guitars, Mathew Milligan (Making Ghosts) on bass, and Justin Cape (ex Taken by the Sun) beating the drums. What makes their second release so special is a group of friends from other bands, that the band refers to as “The Aggregate”: Andre Almaraz (Pale Horseman, DeepSpacePilots), Anthony Cwan (Without Waves), Stavros Giannopoulos (The Atlas Moth), and James Clayton “Clay” Bowman (ex Fireisborn).

Let’s take a listen to some of the best tracks on “1010II0101”. Start with Seige/Capture/Control, a powerhouse that clocks in under ten minutes. Andre, Clay and Anthony sing on this bad boy… so many vocals from so much Chicago talent.  I love the pace of this song, it starts slow, then speeds itself up with each of the parts, then ends with an amazing groove.

Next up is my personal favorite on the release, The Lighthouse, with Anthony Cwan lending his angelic pipes to this track. This one has a real strong Deftones-y vibe to it, kind of like if the Deftones spent a week listening to nothing but doom &sludge metal. I’ve spun that song nearly 100 times since getting the release in.  “Limb” is a very serene track.  Eric is a noted animal lover and he and his wife adopted many rescues from the no kill shelter.  This track was written after the passing of one of his dogs. I love this track because it is very reminiscent of Scientist’s mostly instrumental first album. The track sets up an odd tension, and kinda makes you feel like you are sitting in a hospital waiting room waiting for bad news regarding a loved one. “Physician Heal Thyself” has vocals from Stavros. His one-of-a-kind haunting screeches create a definite signature for the track. A bit of interesting back story during the recording of this track, is that no one from Scientist knew how this song was going to sound like until the release was going to mastering.  Stavros recorded the vocals for the track at the last minute.  You can’t rush perfection though, because this song completely will tear your ears straight off.

This album WILL get attention and turn some heads. With so many great musicians lending their talent to this album, it is very hard for this not to be the one of the best metal releases coming out of Chicago in 2015.

Check out the interview regarding the making of “1010II0101” with members of Scientist on the Rock in Chicago Show, featuring the tracks “Singularity” and “The Lighthouse”.

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