“Less is More” with A.D.D.

By Geoff Teach

I can tell you right off the bat that this isn’t going to be one of those long, rambling articles full of a lot of hot air and puffery.  I knew this before I even started writing it.  In speaking with one of A.D.D.’s guitarists, Dave Adams, it struck me how much he actually said in using so few words.  Now, usually, getting so little in terms of quantity of words from bands for interviews makes me grind my teeth at night and causes my blood pressure to spike.  However, in this case, I noticed immediately that although Dave gave little in verbiage, the quality and weight of his words were top-notch and hefty.  Although it’s my job to build an article around the words of my interviewee and I must interject my own phrases, sentences, and paragraphs, it is also my job to attempt to let my interviewee’s words speak and stand out for themselves and upon their own merit.  It is in this spirit that I will also use the “less-is more” approach, much as A.D.D. has also done with their hard, edgy, female-fronted rock, and I will let Dave’s responses stand up on their own.

A.D.D. is comprised of members Margaret Young (vocals), Jeremy Sparta (guitars and backing vocals), Randy Berg (bass), Jason Delismon (drums), and the aforementioned Adams.  They list their hometown as Lockport.  Yes, Lockport.  I asked if being a female-fronted edgy rock band (sounding much like Sevendust mixed with a little Disturbed and Lacuna Coil) from such a diminutive burgh had any effect on the band’s work ethic and Dave’s response was:  “It is a hard business no matter where you are from, or if you are a man, woman, or alien.  I think you have to work hard at anything you want to succeed at in this world, [but] especially in the music business.”  Just take a moment to let that sink in.  Hell, reread it a couple times if you need to, because it’s an awesome response that speaks volumes, shows a “no excuses, no regrets” attitude, and an iron-clad grip on reality.  A.D.D. understands the “nature of the beast”, as it were, and uses a team approach toward reaching their ultimate goal of success.   I asked what was A.D.D’s motivation for forming the group, and Dave said, “Just the love of creating music, and performing live with people you are on the same page with that have a common goal.”  This sounds much like the response I would get if I asked a hockey player why he plays the sport:  Camaraderie and for the love of the game.  Amen to that, and when I think about the fact that this quote is used to describe a hard-working band from a lesser known area of the Chicago burbs, it makes me downright giddy, and gives me hope for the future success of our music scene.

Consequently, this attention to the team aspect of the band and to having a good live show has yielded quite a bit of attention to their music, and A.D.D. has had the chance to record with Tadpole (who has produced and mixed for such bands as 3 Doors Down, Disturbed, and Black Tide, among many others) and play on the same stage over the past six years with big name bands such as Korn, Sevendust, All That Remains, and even Chicago-area successes Chevelle and Soil.  Currently, A.D.D. is working on their fourth studio release and their first official video to go with the release in the hopes that both will get them many more shows and dates across the Midwest and beyond.  When I inquired as to the band’s goals and aspirations, Dave responded:  “To make the best music possible and to keep moving forward as musicians, performers, and people.  [Also,] getting our music to the masses, and touring the world to support it.”  Wicked.  Great response.  Big goals, good goals, and even a little nod to making sure that being good people helps the process, too.  I love it.  I may not have to say much to support, well, not much also, but it feels good to know that sometimes I don’t have to be incredibly long-winded to explain to you, my beloved readers, just exactly what in the hell this person or that is trying to say.  It is refreshing that some, like A.D.D.’s Dave Adams can sum up everything they want to say, and more, in such a small amount of expression.  There is beauty in simplicity, and this, my friends, is a simple article with a simple closing statement:  Go and listen to and support A.D.D., for they “get it”, and write some great music with some incredible musicianship and vocal harmonies.  Thank you.

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A.D.D is our main featured artist for April. Hear their tracks “Hear Me Now”, “Maybe” and “The Path” on the April Rock in Chicago Show