EPISODE 27: Elijah Cirricione from Dismalimerence


Elijah Cirricione is the main man, guitarist, and vocalist for the band Dismalimerence. The band started off as a side project for Elijah in 2011 and throughout the last 11 years it slowly evolved from a studio project into a full band and his main gig. Their sound is best described as atmospheric black metal band with a lot of progressive leaning.

In this episode Erik and Elijah dig into the band’s back story and how it has evolved from beginnings to the release of their first full-length “Tome 1” in 2020 to the four-way split “Recurrence” they released with fellow black metallers
from around globe: Nurez, Olim, & The Wolf Garden.

Check out Dismalimerence on Bandcamp.

Featured Tracks

Sequestered Hearts
Vernal Musings
My Only Love


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