EPISODE 22: Johnny Wator

Johnny Wator

Featuring Johnny Wator, guitarist and vocalist for The Evictions – A Chicago-based high energy garage rock n roll trio with fuzzed-out riffs and punk-rock scream-a-long choruses. The Evictions have been rocking out stages since 2015, sharing bills with Cheetah Chrome and the Sonics.

Johnny is a veteran guitarist with experiences recording and touring nationally over the last two decades.

in 2012 Johnny started his effects pedal business, Daredevil Pedals. Unable to find a pedal that created the tone he was looking for, he sought out and ripped apart pedals learning how they worked, his search quickly turned into an obsession.

Ten years later Daredevil Pedals is going strong as a one-man operation, with both a solid word-of-mouth and online reputation from musicians around the globe and an astonishing brand presence and catalog with distribution across major musical instrument retailer sites and brick and mortar stores alike.

The pedals are still all 100% hand built in here in Chicago

In this episode Johnny takes us through a brief history of his business and also with what’s going on with The Evictions.

Featured Tracks:

Cut Me Up
Head on Right
Off the Rails

The Evictions website

The Evictions Bandcamp

Daredevil Pedals


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The Evictions curated a list of artists from the area to shout out along with a playlist of some of their favorite tunes.
Rock in Chicago Guest List playlists are available on Spotify and YouTube

Track Artist
Never Needed YouMystery Actions
Spread the StokeFastplants
Animal EyesIndonesian Junk
Now That’s The BarclordsUrge Overkill
Freedom EyesBlue Dream
He Tall HeSweet Cobra
The RipperSatanic Panic
Off the RailsThe Evictions
Another Night In the CityHIGH SPIRITS
Lookout – Studio VersionCheap Trick
Cut Me UpThe Evictions
(Not)AnymoreThe Lucks
1981The Speed Babes
The MirrorDaisychain
Wrecking BallYoung Distractions
Bang OnBlack Actress
“Cha!” Said The KittyLocal H
PureTriple Fast Action
Year of the FlySalvation
ShapeshifterBlood People
Cocaine Years, Cocaine TearsBible Of The Devil