EPISODE 18: Robert Mayfield

EPISODE 18: Robert Mayfield of Spooky Boo

In this episode Erik chats with Robert Mayfield of the progressive rock group Spooky Boo on their latest release, dealing with the effects of COVID, geeking out on The Mars Volta, the importance of rap and metal in music education, and the finer points of jazz and classical guitar.

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Spooky Boo is a Chicago based progressive rock band. Their music is a complex combination of haunting vocals, aggressive guitar, driving rhythm section, lush harmonies and thematic/conceptual lyrics/songwriting. With complex instrumentals and choice lyrical crafting, Spooky Boo creates fictional landscapes and social commentary pulling from influences of Mars Volta, Sufjan Stevens, The Dear Hunter and 90s Punk.

Featured tracks by Spooky Boo:

  • Familiar
  • Waiting Room
  • The Incident

Check out Spooky Boo’s website.


GUEST LIST: Robert Mayfield

Robert curated a companion playlist of some of his favorite artists with a strong focus on the Chicago metro area.

Track NameArtist
The Waiting RoomSpooky Boo
WinnowingYou Folk
ChampagneCarrying Torches
One Lonely SeahorseMangata
Where to Find the BlanketsAudrey Q
For TomorrowCrystal Killers
SymbiosisLocal Motive
Devil’s DaughterA Dozen Paces
JadedDan Asio
What You WantFlowtone
Fenced InAnimal Factory
TherapyGhost Town Remedy
Somewhere in BetweenJory Avner
New York StoriesValaska
Quarantine QueenA Few Blind Mice
Stage LightsIris Blue
What’s the Secret Ingrediant of a Toilot?Snooze
Bad HabitsTurn N Fire
Sea AnemoneVaudevileins
Feels Like OctoberBailey Evert
Familiar-CleanSpooky Boo
Tell Me Your StoryFonzie Scheme