PRIDE 2021

PRIDE 2021 playlist

This month we’re celebrating LGBTQ+ musicians from Chicago with our PRIDE 2021 playlist.
Mel Flowers curated the majority of our list with genres ranging from indie rock, to bedroom pop to horror-punk. We are thrilled and grateful to all the artists who submitted along with featuring music from friends, some of our current projects and former bandmates.

Mel is the bassist for Americana-Folk trio the Secret Lives and blackened hardcore group, Tides Cult.

Check out the featured artists from the list, below.

Track Artist
The Stone WallMister E Machine
Bright Faced & BeautifulThe Locals
I’m Having a Tryst With a NarcissistBev Rage and the Drinks
Everything Is EverythingModern Day Rippers
BeckThe Weekend Run Club
What HappenedSammy Cannillo
Sunday SureThe God Awful Small Affairs
Goodbye Horses IIBlush Scars
DirtballModern Nun
County Road TonightKatie Hibben
Who Do I LoveAunt Kelly
Concrete Feetsplits
Your GirlfriendCloud Houses
Mother NatureEmily Franke, Sammy Haig
How I DanceSpectra
Devil GirlSweetie
You Are a FlowerBaby Money and the Down Payments
Let’s DriveKimi Hayes
At What Cost?The Secret Lives
HollidayThe Weekend Run Club
NormalEmily Franke
GhostCloud Houses
Lovely GirlAunt Kelly

PRIDE 2021

Curated by Mel Flowers with Erik Oldman