EPISODE 3: A Conversation with Mel Flowers and Sarah Neczwid

Episode 3: A Conversation with Mel Flowers and Sarah Neczwid

Mel Flowers, one of our main curators and bassist for The Secret Lives and Tides Cult chats with Sarah Neczwid, drummer for Baby Money and The Down Payments, Black Glass, audio engineer, and host of Hello, I Am Human Podcast. This episode is part of our PRIDE month celebration, Mel and Sarah discuss their life experiences with queer identity, representation, and as working as musicians in Chicago.

Guest List

Sarah also curated a 90 minute Guest List playlist of some of her favorite projects, and local bands.

State of the UnionBlackGlass
You Are a FlowerBaby Money and the Down Payments
Fell in Love Wiith a GhostBoys vs Girls
Luv Is Mdtatn (Love Is Meditation)Hlday Magik
John the Conquer RootToronzo Cannon
I’m Too OldBev Rage and the Drinks
St. James RiverBlackGlass
Please Wake UpBad Bad Meow
Bad DayLou Heneise
Hallelujah AmenAaron Wilhoft
Tubular AdamsFitdjc
Romeo and JulietThe Lifeline
Some FriendsKali Masi
Worst in MeNatalie Grace Alford
Take AnotherSize Of Sadness
Strength to StayDance Bullies
Glitter and BloodSuperKnova
Low Hanging FruitKarl Neurauter
RedemptionSecret Colours
CanoePure Intruders
Ashtray AlleywayBubbles Brown
If You See Anything, Say AnythingJohn Sutton
Entertain YourselfBleach Party
Off My BodySuperKnova

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GUEST LIST: Sarah Neczwid