PLAYLIST: Chicago Prog Vol. 2

Chicago Prog Vol. 2

Presenting our Chicago Prog Vol. 2 playlist feature. Sixteen tracks were selected from artists working within the progressive rock, progressive metal, art rock, and fusion idioms from our area.

Featuring a variety of long-time music scene veterans and good mix of new and heavy up and coming artists.

The playlist is available on both Spotify and Youtube, please feel free to follow us on both channels along with checking out all the featured artists below.

Track NameArtist
Lawrence SpiveyOrigin of Animal
Insomniac BlueSonus Umbra
The BaronHedgehog the Fox
Run AwayZip Tang
Above GroundNomadic Horizon
Accolades for Idiots / The Veil LiftedGentle Gene
Separation AnxietyEmpathogen
Adolpho’s DilemmaKick the Cat
Count Me InDavid Forman Project
Broadway FelonyChaometry
Liberation (Control Denied)Acracy
Dead Man’s StareArmored Assault
Another SkyDissona
No LoveHive
AntiFragileSons of Ra

Chicago Prog Vol. 2 Playlist

Curated by Erik Oldman