Erik’s Birthday Playlist for 2021

“I spend the better part of my life creating and listening to music. Over the last 10 years I’ve focused most of my attention around the Chicago music scene. We have so much diversity in genres, it’s astounding to me. There’s always new music to listen to as long as you’re willing to look for it. This is a mix of Chicago music from diverse genres, old and new alike. Some music here is from my heroes, some music is from my friends. I hope you enjoy.” – Erik Oldman

Track NameArtist
Gun NationLa Armada
StuckU.S. Maple
Oh, CandyCheap Trick
This Is A PictureShellac
General PublicFACS
Waves Of SandREZN
Rat Bastardxmarsx
Step into YouHum
Focused Totality – the Psychic KnifeBlack Sites
To Quicken StonePanegyrist
OrpheusTwelfth Gate
Seven CirclesWe Killed the Lion
RecoveryBobby Conn
This LetterMaterial Issue
Glass MuseumTortoise
Down The DrainCyclone Temple
Wounded EyesThe Kreutzer Sonata
The Ecstasy of NilSerpents U.S.
Common DeathLume

Erik's Birthday Playlist for 2021