This was one of our strongest artist submission-driven playlists to date. The majority of bands submitted music stylistically fits in from the indie, post rock, and alternative rock genres. I’ve also added in a few classic tracks from the 90’s, 2000’s and 10’s that I’ve been going back to lately.

Bumsy and the Moochers is Ska/Punk sextet based in the Chicago suburbs. The band has quickly become a staple in the Midwestern ska/punk scene since putting out their first full-length, “Bored Up” in 2015. Since then they have been independently released another EP “Easily Distracted”, a second full-length, “Spaced Out” in 2018 and a live album. The group is currently promoting their latest single, “Youth”, which is featured on our February 2021 Ska/Punk Volume 1 playlist. We did a brief Q & A with Cait Edwards, the lead vocalist and guitarist to talk through the band’s history, how they’ve been holding up during the pandemic and what’s in store for Bumsy & The Moochers in 2021.