Black Road

We’re thrilled to announce our Stoner Doom Volume 2 playlist for this week’s, 4/20 celebrations. For this list, we selected Chicago doom metal/stoner rock quartet Black Road as our featured artist for the month of April.

Black Road describes themselves as taking full advantage by merging genres to create their unique sound of rock: “Inspired by all the greats which came before… we were simply born too late.”

Many thanks to Doc Metal for sharing this Q&A with Suzi Uzi, the lead vocalist for Black Road to catch us up with what the band has been up to during the pandemic. Suzi is also a co-curator of the Stoner Doom Volume 2 playlist.

How’s Black Road doing?
Black Road has had a fun time working quietly behind the scenes getting our newest members Trey and Danny up to speed with all the songs on bass and drums. They both have been doing an incredible job.

Are you writing new material?
We are working on getting all our songs nailed down, and then we will begin working on all the newer material we had started.

How have things been with the band and yourself during the pandemic?
During this pandemic, the band has faced more change than ever since we started as a group. It’s been a weird ride but we aren’t stopping. Personally, I began a new full-time job and have had to completely change my lifestyle and daily activities. This means way less time for music, but I am trying to find a balance. I just don’t go online anymore, haha!

How’s everything going with you and Metal Monkey Brewing?
I love those dudes, and I really miss that place. Metal Monkey is the greatest, and so are the owners and employees. I really miss working there, hanging out there, and doing the beer fests. I hope those return this year if it is safe enough to do so. In the meantime, we still regularly talk to everyone there and can’t wait to get back and have a beer with the crew!

Have you considered doing some sort of livestream event?
We have had several live stream offers, but we have to keep turning them down due to lineup changes. We want to be as ready as possible next time we hit a stage, and we hope to give everyone a great show with our new members!

Are there any plans for new merch on the horizon?
We do have a plan to possibly bring back an old and popular t-shirt design that people keep asking for, but we have no immediate plans for new merch at the moment.

I remember some of your Facebook posts about people freaking out because the post office was too slow delivering your merch to them. Would you want to talk about any of the situations that came out of that?
I had folks emailing me and saying they wanted refunds for items that were still technically supposed to be delivered, and showed that within their tracking information. It became a bit of a headache to have to message people personally, but it’s better than issuing a bunch of refunds only to find out the merch arrived anyway. We just needed a little patience on their end. It all ended up working out and there was not one person whose merch ended up missing or undelivered, so that’s a huge plus.

What are you listening to at the moment?
At the moment, I have been finding a sort of comfort in all the old songs I already love. When a lot of things are changing and they are beyond my control, I find that I tend to go back to my comfort zone. With that said, there has been a lot of Pink Floyd playing lately!

Do you have any favorite releases from 2020 and 2021?
I still listen to that Slabdragger you all introduced me to when you were on my show. Great shit!
As for new releases, I can’t really think of anything new except the new Monolord single and the new Dopelord songs that have come out. Those are excellent.

Can you tell me about anything else that has been going on with you and your band that is cool, like that whole trading card headshot?
Shadebeast created a December sticker featuring a photo of me, and then also created a Tim Morano trading card as part of the “Doom” series. You can check out what they have in their shop at shadebeast.com or find them on FB if you want to be a part of an awesome music community.

Stoner Doom Vol. 2

Curated by Suzi Uzi, Mel Flowers, Doc Metal, and Erik Oldman