Here’s our seven featured First Friday submissions for July of 2021. Once again it’s to see some new music and videos from some of our friends in the scene along with some newer artists to discover from around the Chicago metro area. We also will be featuring a few of the submissions in upcoming Rock in Chicago Show podcast episodes later in the month as there are some interesting stories behind the music

Bumsy and the Moochers is Ska/Punk sextet based in the Chicago suburbs. The band has quickly become a staple in the Midwestern ska/punk scene since putting out their first full-length, “Bored Up” in 2015. Since then they have been independently released another EP “Easily Distracted”, a second full-length, “Spaced Out” in 2018 and a live album. The group is currently promoting their latest single, “Youth”, which is featured on our February 2021 Ska/Punk Volume 1 playlist. We did a brief Q & A with Cait Edwards, the lead vocalist and guitarist to talk through the band’s history, how they’ve been holding up during the pandemic and what’s in store for Bumsy & The Moochers in 2021.