Q & A with Bumsy and the Moochers

Bumsy and the Moochers

Bumsy and the Moochers is a Ska/Punk sextet based in the Chicago suburbs. The band has quickly become a staple in the Midwestern ska/punk scene since putting out their first full-length Bored Up in 2015. Other independent releases include the EP Easily Distracted, Spaced Out, a second full-length record in 2018, and a live album.

The group is currently promoting their latest single “Youth”, which is featured on our February 2021 Ska/Punk Volume One playlist. During our Q&A, lead vocalist and guitarist Cait Edwards reflects on the band’s history, shares how they’ve been holding up during the pandemic, and previews what’s in store for Bumsy & the Moochers in 2021.

How has the band evolved since since you put out your first release Bored Up
“We’ve had a new second guitarist, bassist, and a whole new horn section since then. Our sound has developed into more than just pop punk and ska. We’ve played a lot of shows across the Midwest and even did some weekend tours here and there.”

Over the the span of your releases, You all still maintain a signature high energy sound and sense of earnestness with the lyric content. There seems to be more of a darker and angrier undercurrent with the tunes. What’s changed since then from your perspective?
“In the beginning we were just friends writing about personal relationships, partying, having fun, but as you get older and observe the world around you, things can take a darker turn. The world obviously is a chaotic place. That’s why in some of Spaced Out and our upcoming album, we’ve definitely taken a heavier and darker sound. We’re not just writing from a personal standpoint anymore, but from an observational one too. We’re writing about politics, people, the division in our country, how our reality can be a real nightmare especially with this pandemic. But we still have our positive songs that try to keep a message of hope. “Youth”, “Wait”, and some funny songs on this new record give off a desire to dream and keep hope alive.” 

With your new single “Youth”, The writing reflects the sense of passing of time with experiences, lessons learned, and a loss of innocence. What was the inspiration for recording the tune?
“This song was actually written by our previous trombone player and good friend, Allen Mendez. Before he left for Arizona, he told us this was a song he wanted to record with his old band The Runner Ups, but never got the chance, so he wanted to give it to us to record.” 

Can you tell us more about the writing process? 
“He sent us an acoustic version of him singing the song and we thought we should keep it that way, raw and acoustic. We felt an acoustic version would match the song’s honest and real feeling. We love that Allen wrote the song from different people’s perspectives. A child, a teen, a parent. Everyone experiences that loss of innocence as they grow up or the feeling that they can’t live out their dreams because life/circumstances gets in the way.”

What drove the decision to do it as an acoustic tune and bring in a violin?  
“Allen wrote such a relatable song. The song was fun to play musically and gave me a lot of room to add a violin part. We feel the violin gave the song that extra emotional boost, plus people were always asking me to put violin in my ska band somehow…haha.”

Are there any plans to release new music this year? 
“Due to the pandemic, we haven’t been practicing a ton, but this spring we plan on getting back at it so we can record this new album. We know you guys will love it. Currently our follow up record to Spaced Out is definitely heavier in sound and lyrics. This third album is basically done, we’re just showing everything to our new bass player David Lyon, who is amazing by the way!” 

Bumsy and the Moochers Live

Pandemic and crazy times aside, where do you all want to be in 2021? 
“We want to be practicing and playing shows together again. We’re a band that loves the live performance more than anything. Plus we’re all friends, so we miss hanging out and playing music together like we used to. We hope to see everyone again in 2021 somehow. Whether it’s at a dingy bar, basement, yard, we don’t care, we want to be playing live again.”

Ska/Punk Volume 1

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