EPISODE 1: Pamela Maurer

Pamela Maurer

Our featured artist and guest for this episode of the Rock In Chicago Show is Pamela Maurer. Pamela is a musician, multimedia artist and designer who writes and performs with her group Baby Money and The Down Payments. Pamela spent the last year working on and releasing “HLDAY MAGIK” a visual album produced remotely with a team of people spread out across the country. We talk through the process of creating HLDAY MAGIK, holding up personally and as a creative person during the pandemic and what the new landscape as a musician, artist, and performer looks like as we move forward into a new time.

Photo: Stephanie Bassos

Listen to the Rock In Chicago Show Episode with Pamela.

Pamela is also our Guest List curator for May.

Guest List Track Listing

Track ListingArtist
AlienImpulsive Hearts
Spooky Action at a DistanceShannon Garcia and the Taken
Limp WristBev Rage and the Drinks
Working GirlOvef Ow
Hootie HottieOvef Ow
You Still Get AroundThe Dyes
Type of WoundNatalie Grace Alford
Into the VesselMolly Sullivan
Get MineFauvely
Garbage In, Garbage OutThe Bribes
In the Tall GrassDiagonal
I Thought I’d Seen a GhostBleach Party
1990Half Gringa
Where We LiveBorn Days
Put U Bak in My LyfeBrbra Bush
I Don’t KnowThe Dyes
Cosmic FlowerDivino Niño
Stillness – Live at Radio ArtifactMynah Tones
I Thought About Cheating on UBoys vs Girls
HahahaGlitter Moneyyy
Siren SongThe Just Luckies
Bitter RindBlackGlass
Wild Wild WorldBailey Dee and Her Late Night Bait
Weightless AgainThe Handsome Family
Where Were YouMekons
Worst in MeNatalie Grace Alford
won’t be what they’re coming forBeige On Beige
Alina’s Theme (Main Theme)John Sutton
I Can Only See EverythingSex No Babies

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