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Doc Metal has been involved with Rock in Chicago since 2013, initially as a cohost of the Rock in Chicago Show podcast that ran from 2013-2016, along with helping book our Heavy Holidays and other benefit showcases and as a reviewer for Rock in Chicago Magazine. He came back into the fold in 2020 as a regular playlist curator for our metal-specific genre playlists.

If you’re wearing any heavy metal band shirt, chances are that we will quickly become friends. I fell in love with broadcasting at the tender age of 13, where I became the METAL director of my beloved high school radio station, WARG 88.9FM in Summit, IL.

After a short period of serving in the military, I graduated from Illinois Center for Broadcasting and have brought BRUTAL back to the airwaves for the past 9 years with “The Doc Metal Show” and “The Doc Metal Show with the Real Munson.” on Asgard Radio. Chaotic, sporadic, doomy, riffy, proggy, alcohol-fueled, stonery metals of all types you will hear on my show.

Playlists featuring not only well known bands, but mostly featuring local shredders (Chicago and now, Poland) that deserve the spotlight. My knowledge of Metal is unparalleled and the roster of concerts I have attended is absolutely mind-boggling. Listen to me Monday afternoons Noon to 3PM Central Time on Asgard Radio and get ready, because the Doc has your prescription ready!