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  November 22, 2018

Script writer K.r.Eesan Prabhu
L.Mani Kandan

Nostradanus is french born physician cum astrologer, he used to treat plague affected victims through out italy and france he also written a book called prophecies many people belive that his pridiction have come true or will in future at the age of 14 he entered university avignon, he forced to leave the university due to an outbreak of plague at the time during this most of the people were affected by plague at that time the doctore was puzzled at that time nastadamus created rose pill nourished with vitamin c it gives some relief to mild plague victims at that time this type of treatment makes him as a celebrity sice then he received financial support from various places then after he got married he got two children while he went out for medicall mission his son and wife died presumably of the plague later on that he planed to write 10 volumes which would contain 100 prediction forecasting the next 2000 years nastradamus ran into some controvercies with his predictions as some thought he was a servant of the devil and some other he is fake or insane soon after his prediction hit the cities he become famous in european elites the most powerful admirer of the nastradamus his king henry 2 wife because he hinted a un named threats will going to happen to this family so she summouned him to paris to explain briefly and draw up the horoscopes for their children a few years she made him cheif counceler and physician for king henry court
nastradamus and his famous predictions

1)the young line will overcome the older one,
on the field of combat in a single battle, he will pierce his eyes through a golden cage,
two wounds made one, then he dies a cruel death

in this prediction, he dictated a king Henry 2 death in a fierce battle between his six-year-old junior Gabriel the tournament was held to celebrate the upcoming wedding of the king daughter

2) the great fire of london
the blood of the just will commit a fault at London burnt through lightning of twenty threes the six the ancient will fall from her high place several of the same sects will be killed

as per mentioned above 20 times tree is 60 add six to that then it will be 66, this relates London infamous three-day blaze began on September 2 1666
but the fire wasn't set off by lightning how ever

3) the French revolution
from the enslaved populace songs, chants and demands while princes and lords are held captive in prisons. these will in the future by headless idiots be received as divine players

the mentioned above prediction dictate the french revolution took an average of 27,000 people lives

4) the lost thing his discovered hidden for many santuries pastor willl be celebrated almost as like god-like figure this is when the moon completes her great cycle but by other rumours he shall be dishonoured

louis Pasteur is honoured for the discovery of microbial decay

5) from the depths of the west of Europe a young child will be born of poor people he who by his tongue will seduce a great troop; his fame will increase towards the realm of the east
beasts ferocious with hunger will cross the rivers,
the greater part of the battlefield will be against hister
into a cage of iron will the great one be drawn
when the child of Germany observes nothing

adolf Hitler was born on Austria 1889 in the western Europe
some will say Hitler acquired his through hid great speech

6) Charles de gaulle

Hercules King of Rome and of Annemark,
With the surname of the chief of triple Gaul,
Italy and the one of St Mark to tremble,
First monarch, renowned above all.

What happened: Charles de Gaulle was a three-time leader of France (chief of triple Gaul).

First, De Gaulle led the Free French Forces during WWII. Then, he became prime minister of the provisional post-WWII government. Lastly, De Gaulle was the first president of the French Fifth Republic.

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